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Our kennel is registered at the Dutch Kennel club "Raad van beheer'', we are also members of the Dutch Akita Club " Nederlandse vereniging voor  Akita inu's ''. Breeding is done strictly according to their rules. Next to relevant breed standards, we strive to breed Akitas with a good temper, while being true to the Akita. Our dogs are tested on Hips (HD) , Eyes ( ECVO), Knees ( Patella ), DNA and Diversity. Since this year a new test has been developed that focuses Amelogenesis Imperfecta, a deviation of the enemal that can occur in baby and adult teeth. Together with aforementioned tests, we hope to improve our breed in terms of health and increased diversity.

Information & Articles

Sebaceous Adentis

Diversity test Akita

Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Amelogenesis imperfecta or familial enamel hypoplasia (FEH) is an inherited condition of tooth enamel malformation. It is caused by a mutation in the ENAM or ACP4 gene which disrupts the production of Enamelin, an important component of tooth enamel. Affected animals have slim, pointed teeth with thin brown tooth enamel. Despite this condition the teeth do not seem to be more susceptible for dental cavities.

Vogt Koyanaga Harada

Sebaceous Adenitis is a hereditary autoimmune skin disease. In SA the sebaceous glands that adjoin the hair follicles become inflamed and gradually are destroyed.


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Vogt Koyanaga Harada disease also known as VKH.

Is a multisystem disease of presumed autoimmune cause that affects pigment tissue, wich have melanin. The most significant manifestion is bilateral, diffuse uveitis, wich effects the eyes.

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Article About Neutering Males

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